Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Q&A Post on Crafty Blog

NEAT! The Crafty Bastard's blog just posted my Q&A. Fun!
Read more here

Pretty excited about my first show... Only 5 more days!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting ready for Crafty Bastards

Only 12 days away from the big event and I'm starting to pump out some new designs for the Crafty Bastards show.

Still have to come up with a sign and figure out how i'm going to display everything together with Chickrocks.

We're anxiously looking forward to our first Craft show and look forward to seeing you there if by chance you happen to be in the d.c. area. ;)

In the mean time check out some of the new stuff i've been working on:


Inspired by the ubiquitous and somehow overlooked braille which can be seen in all public buildings and spaces...and now also in note cards and jewelry ;)

Send a card that can truely touch someone....and if you're wearing it, iy's your own little secret daily reminder to tell yourself something nice and keep you smiling.

Greetings in Braille:
Happy Birthday
I love you

Sterling silver braille jewerly:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

ETSY Favin Friday

My favorite picks for this week from ETSY. ENJOY
* Pebble jewelry from ashleyjewelry

*Unique Stoneware from PuTokWagnerCeramics

* felted bags - myjennywren

*fabulous vintage and new jewelry from forqueenvictoria

*adorable baby goods - joeyanddaleethea

*fun jewelry foundling

*fabulous spice sets - purposedesign

*Fun accessories from imyourpresent ( i like the name!!)