Sunday, February 24, 2008

What I did this weekend...

Besides dork out on the going to the supermarket for another week...hang out in my p.j's with the hubs and the guaps (my boston T-dog)... IT WAS COLD AND DARK OUTSIDE :(


Bad weather aside I was a little productive....
I figured since I've been making nature and animal related silhouettes I should try my hand at some nouveau inspired silhouettes. A while back i had drawn out this lady from a doily my grandmother gave me... and designed some cards with this graphic.

I decided I would use this as my lady silhouette for a new pendant. Check it!
I'm planning to learn how to enamel. I think this design would look great in a celadon blue or bone colored enamel. Can't wait .

Of course I also had to delve into some quirkiness : I made some "moose ears" ;)- Little copper moose antler silhouettes on sterling silver ear wires. As well as a sterling and copper antler necklace.

I then played with a collection of lush and bright gems for some elegant and colorful compositions

.... click on the pic to enlarge the images and get a better look at my weekend :)

Lastly, on the brilliant recommendation of a customer ;) via my online survey, I've re-organized my website.

I have "Collections" now in both my earrings and necklaces sections.
i.e. Fossils, Hearts, Gems, and of course Silhouettes.

I hope this will make things easier for everyone when browsing through. Feel free to leave a comment for fill out the survey if you have a bright idea you'd like to share with me.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Friday Fab Five Flava Fav's - Say that 5 times fast!
Aren't these great!?!

Click on images to see more from these etsy artist.

SALE, Videos, & Survey

FIRST: I'm having a sale on both my ETSY store and my WEBSITE on "heart themed" items... Enjoy the post-valentines sweetness. ;)

NEXT: check out this fun video i just created with this online site...(if you're reading this post in your email you probably can't see the video:( watch it online) it's like a music video...and all you have to do is pick your photos from flickr, or another online photo sharing app... or just upload from your computer. CHECK OUT's fun!

LASTLY: A favor to ask.
If you've purchased from me on my website, etsy or at a craft fair....or simply would like to leave a comment on how i can improve my services or something you would like to see in my collections... PLEASE fill out my ONLINE SURVEY.

ONLY 4 questions. Super quick and easy. And I promise I won't spam you or sell your email. THANK YOU!

* Click here to take the survey.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Puppy Love

Announcing my new puppy themed Etsy store: Mooshy Gooshies

Filled with cuteness, moosh and goosh! Here you're find things for puppies and the people who love them. All items are hand made with MUCHO love. Custom orders welcome!

As a moosh face lover I'm also now a member of the Etsy Dog Mafia and Etsy for Animals.

Etsy Dog Mafia is a Etsy Street team who's sellers who specialize in handmade items for DOGS & the people who love them.

Etsy for Animals: Artists Helping Animals (EFA) is a street team or group of artists and craftspeople on who donate some portion of their sales to animal rescues and charities.

By joining this group i have chosen to donate a portion of my profits from Mooshy Gooshies to 3 charities:

Washington Human Society-

Houston Audubon Society-

Wildlife Alliance -

Items you'll find at mooshy gooshies:
Hand knitted puppy sweaters, puppy themed jewelry and paper goods, and soon to come puppy themed kid stuff. ;)

Monday, February 4, 2008

THANK YOU... everyone that stopped by the Crafts & Kisses fair this weekend. We had a great time meeting and greeting as well as checking out everybody elses wares! Great stuff.

This was only my 2nd craft show in d.c.... and so far they have both been really wonderful. A big thanks to bookish lady for everything.... Look forward to more fabulous events like this.

Be sure to check out some of these cool vendors that were at the show this weekend:
Jon Wye's really cool belts

Peacock Blue Design Studio- Awesome hats and feathered clips... we got three!

As always, be sure to check out the new heart items at bLuGrn design.