Sunday, November 16, 2014

Custom Holiday Silhouettes

custom silhouette ornament
Custom Silhouette Ornament

Sorry for my long lapse in Updates.  Baby #2 is now 6 months old and smiling all the time while not sleeping! :/

Needless to say my time for jewelry has been limited.

With the holidays approaching I still wanted to offer you something that would make the gift giving unique and fun.

I'm offering 3-d printed ornaments of silhouettes (Just like the silhouette charm necklaces I pierce from Silver and 14k Goldfill).

They are roughly 2x3 inches depending on the shape of your silhouette and can be printed in a variety of Strong and Flexible plastic colors. They take 2 weeks to ship from the time of the order .

$20 if I've created a silhouette for you in the past and
$30 if you need a silhouette and an ornament.
Discounts for multiple orders

I can take orders this week Nov 17-20th and December 1-8th. (if you want them in time for Christmas)

Contact me for a quote and to order.

If you would like just the silhouette graphic to print out on your own to DIY a special gift , send me a photo and I will create a jpeg or pdf file for you to use.  (usually takes 1-2 days)  and can be purchased HERE in my ETSY shop ( $12 )

Tips for Photos-
+ Take the photo eye level with the subject
+ use a plain or back lit background (i.e. solid contrasting color wall , lit window , sun or light in background)

Feel free to send me a couple of pics if you feel you would like certain traits captured better.

Monday, June 2, 2014

CELEBRATION SALE!!! 50% off 2 Days only!

It's officially June as of yesterday!  So much to celebrate, including the birth of my second little girl!  
My pleasure to introduce you to Lyla Jane, born May 15th - 7lbs, 11 oz
Big sister Vivienne is more than thrilled to have a little baby in the house... she's even managed to pick her up while we weren't paying attention! EEEK! (cue heart attack)

To cheer on the beginning of what looks to be a fun filled summer I'm having a flash sale (2 days only) in my Etsy shop.

50% off everything with coupon code: SummerLovin at check out.


P.S. Father's day is June15th!