Friday, October 5, 2007

Crafty Bastards ROCKS!

Incredible. Our first craft show and definitely not our last! We started setting up around 8am and didn't stop until 5:30pm. It was so busy and so much fun!

I sold out of all my monkeys, bird, sharks' teeth, braille, and little cloud necklaces.

All my "little darlings", ginkgos, and shark teeth earrings.

It was really really cool.
The only sad part was that I didn't have time to check out the other vendors' booths. Which i heard were pretty neat.
My husband was able to check out some of the b-boy battles.... check out some of the video footage that he took at the show.

You can also see and submit photos to the flickr Crafty bastards photo group HERE.

All in all we had a pretty amazing time at our first show. Thank you to everyone that stopped by...and thank you thank you to the amazing event that Crafty Bastards provided!

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