Saturday, June 28, 2008

Craft Fairs

We just got back from a hot but fun day at the Crafty Bastards fair in Silver Spring Maryland... i went to check out the vendors and their set ups and get a couple of gifts...and yes stuff for myself.

I also recently went to a Crafty Bastards 101 discovery series where they gave out tips for those looking to become part of the craft fair experience... i thought i would share and get some thoughts..

Pick the right show for you....makes sense. Don't want to be selling to the wrong crowd.

2) Customer relations... basically smile and make friends. If they don't buy right then they will buy later... i've found this to be quite true.

Accept credit cards! SO TRUE.. most of my sales are CC. If you don't accept credit cards make sure you know where an atm machine is close direct your customers.

4)Booth set up. ..this is one of the reasons why i went to check out the silverspring show. (see my pics for more examples of set ups) but basically be organized and neat... wear your own merchandise. Bring mirrors, apron, calculator, pens...

5)Have promo items... i found this tip especially interesting. Basically if you have a cool promo item that a customer is willing to keep and display, they're advertising for you for free... they're suggestions were postcards with and image of your product(s), stickers, pins,... also something i hadn't thought about before but makes a lot of sense.... have a pic of your stuff on your business card.. at the end of the day you may have a ton of cards you collected but can't quite remember what everyone did unless there's a pic or good description on your card.

6) email list sign up for those wanting to keep up with your sales and shows.

Also consider having items at all different price levels
have things at eye level....(added benefit is it keeps things out of reach from toddlers )

Anyways, i just applied to the crafty bastards show here in d.c....hope i get in. I'm really inspired by everyones really cute displays and wares! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Resources: .... i just ordered some pins from here... i can't wait to see how they turn out!

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