Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crafty Bastards RECAP

WOW! Despite the off and on rain Crafty Bastards managed to pull off another great show this year. They had even more vendors and more events including a skateboarding ramp section together with some freestyle rapping/singing and dj-ing which unlike last year was located directly behind us. So we had constant music and excitement. Not to mention a lot of traffic. We were super super busy from 9-5 but Marianna and I were able to get away to browse some of the other booths....which we didnt' get to do last year.

Anyways, so glad to have participated again this year and looking forward to many many other CB events in the future. So now to recuperate and get ready for: the Austin show October 18th & 19th, Halloween! (my sister and i are dressing up the dogs as bees and going as a swarm LOL!) and of course- Elections!!!

Then... a roadtrip back to D.C. from Missouri where my hubs has been campaiging. Looking forward to other possible pre-christmas shows, so stay tuned ;) Excited about posting my new designs on my site soon.


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