Monday, March 5, 2012

All the new designs

I'm officially 4 weeks away from motherhood! I think the worry of not having time when the baby comes has inspired me to create as much as I can now while I can.
So far i've been playing with mixed metals- new silhouettes in gold tones with oxidized sterling chains. I'm liking the edgy modern look of this and the versatility of wear.

Lastly, I'm most excited by my new diamond silhouettes. Probably the last thing I'll make will be the diamond silhouette earrings which I think will make some pretty cool stud earrings. So keep an eye out for those coming before the end of March.

Hope you enjoy all these new designs as much as I did making them!

1 comment:

Lu said...

I'm 4 weeks not 34! LOL! sorry.. bad preggo brain!