Thursday, February 21, 2008

SALE, Videos, & Survey

FIRST: I'm having a sale on both my ETSY store and my WEBSITE on "heart themed" items... Enjoy the post-valentines sweetness. ;)

NEXT: check out this fun video i just created with this online site...(if you're reading this post in your email you probably can't see the video:( watch it online) it's like a music video...and all you have to do is pick your photos from flickr, or another online photo sharing app... or just upload from your computer. CHECK OUT's fun!

LASTLY: A favor to ask.
If you've purchased from me on my website, etsy or at a craft fair....or simply would like to leave a comment on how i can improve my services or something you would like to see in my collections... PLEASE fill out my ONLINE SURVEY.

ONLY 4 questions. Super quick and easy. And I promise I won't spam you or sell your email. THANK YOU!

* Click here to take the survey.

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