Sunday, February 24, 2008

What I did this weekend...

Besides dork out on the going to the supermarket for another week...hang out in my p.j's with the hubs and the guaps (my boston T-dog)... IT WAS COLD AND DARK OUTSIDE :(


Bad weather aside I was a little productive....
I figured since I've been making nature and animal related silhouettes I should try my hand at some nouveau inspired silhouettes. A while back i had drawn out this lady from a doily my grandmother gave me... and designed some cards with this graphic.

I decided I would use this as my lady silhouette for a new pendant. Check it!
I'm planning to learn how to enamel. I think this design would look great in a celadon blue or bone colored enamel. Can't wait .

Of course I also had to delve into some quirkiness : I made some "moose ears" ;)- Little copper moose antler silhouettes on sterling silver ear wires. As well as a sterling and copper antler necklace.

I then played with a collection of lush and bright gems for some elegant and colorful compositions

.... click on the pic to enlarge the images and get a better look at my weekend :)

Lastly, on the brilliant recommendation of a customer ;) via my online survey, I've re-organized my website.

I have "Collections" now in both my earrings and necklaces sections.
i.e. Fossils, Hearts, Gems, and of course Silhouettes.

I hope this will make things easier for everyone when browsing through. Feel free to leave a comment for fill out the survey if you have a bright idea you'd like to share with me.


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