Monday, March 3, 2008

Shopping on Etsy

My husband bought me a couple of things on Etsy from my favorites list this valentines. He says the "favorites" is a husbands fool proof guide to getting gifts. ;)
Today the last of the gifts arrived and I had to pair the two pups. Tux toy has a little pocket mouth i can stick my ipod in or hide stuff ...or... hold a heart. ;)

This all lead me to post about all my etsy finds and buys... some great stuff I'm proud to show off.
+ Fine silver on steel This was a christmas present from my husband

+ Grown Valentines present from hubs

+ Gold slinky i use these together with the steel and gold stack rings... they look really neat together.

+ Sticks and stones one of my first etsy purchases... love these dynamic light earrings!

+ Needle felted Couldn't resist the cuteness... i've got this thing for monkeys!

+ Tug toy for the

+ Love bombs Valentines gift for the hubs.

+ Steel and gold stack christmas present from hubs

+ Starwars birthday gift for my husband. he loves these.

+ BEFORE THE NIGHT COMES - 8x8 Fine Art Photographic Very cool print

+ Charmed Flora - Honey Locust Necklace-auriis.etsy.comThis i gifted to a friend for christmas...

+ Tank diver, vinyl toilet my husband and i loved this but we're waiting to put it on our toilet when we get our own place...:( they have jellyfish too which i love!

My Etsy swag consists of much more... especially baby gifts...but just wanted to show off some of the cool finds thus far.

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Anonymous said...


You're making me look like a generous, thoughtful husband who always gets you great gifts.

Keep up the good work! ;P

love you