Friday, July 18, 2008

New in July

While i anxiously wait to hear from Crafty Bastards.....i've been busy with custom orders with a little time for some creative explorations.... thought i woudl share:

1) Custom Puppy Sillhouettes : The customer sent me her puppy profiles i then created a silhouette for her to approve and continued to cut them from 20 gauge sterling silver. Pendants were then hand stamped with their names. cute, no?!

2) Custom Braille: I hadn't done these in a while... i'm guessing the customer went through some of my sold items and saw a similar item... she also ordered another bracelet with mixed the braille with the cloud pendant. very cute. A lot of great ideas come from custom orders...which is why i'm always happy to make them.

3) Necklaces for layering- I'm really into layering long necklaces with short ones over solid color shirts and summer dresses so i started creating some simple and colorful themed necklaces for the summer. I wear them out a lot because they're such and easy accessory to work with.

Anyways I'm keeping busy in hopes of some good news ;) Hope everyone is having a great summer.

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