Thursday, June 18, 2009

About Goldfill Jewlery

I use both sterling silver and gold filled for my jewelry designs. A lot of times people ask me what gold fill is and whether it will wear off... The answer:
No it doesn't wear off, it doesn't really tarnish...and looks great with the summer tan. ;)

Okay... maybe a little more information is needed-

Gold filled looks and usually wears as well as karat gold. Often referred to as rolled gold,. Gold Fill jewelry is very hard wearing and should last a lifetime under normal wear conditions. Heres a little more info on this fabulous material along with some of my newest designs using gold fill chain and wire.

(Via Wikipedia)

Gold-filled items are 50 to 100,000 times thicker than regular gold plating, and 17 to 25,000 times thicker than heavy gold electroplate. By definition, the minimum layer of karat gold in an item stamped GF must equal at least 1/20 the weight of the total item.

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