Monday, June 8, 2009

Chesapeake Bay, MD

Living in D.C. the closest beach I can visit is on the Chesapeake. I go there several times a year not only to enjoy the coastal breezes and get some sun but also to collect sharks teeth for my jewelry.

These shark's teeth are miocene era fossils that erode from the cliffs. I spend a couple of hours collecting these tiny little beauties sifting through the shore.

On a sad note, the Chesapeake is also one of the more contaminated waterways and has seen a decline not only in the water's cleanliness but in the natural wildlife. The Washington Post just did a really interesting photo journal of the Chesapeake watershed sharing some of its history and current physical state that i think is worth a read.

(Also worth a look is a great slide show featuring aerial shots of the watershed.)

This summer I'm donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of my shark teeth jewelry to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation...

Every little bit helps. Considering it's the only beach I have I'd like to continue enjoying my visits there for some time to come.

I'll be making new designs all summer so be sure to check in often ;) Here are some of the classic designs i'll be keeping in stock as well:

You can also see my whole collection of chesapeake bay shark teeth jewelry HERE

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