Monday, July 11, 2011

D.I.Y. Deconstructing the Vintage Clip On Bow Tie

So as everyone anxiously awaits to hear who the winner is of the Joke Contest Giveaway (deadline is July 14th - Bastille day - so you still have time to submit your wit and win!) I thought I would share my my recent Vintage finds from Vermont this past 4th of July and what I made!

I found a few vintage clip-on bow ties at my favorite little shop in Woodstock, Vermont - "Who is Sylvia". Of course my husband scored a sharp gingham one! The other two I decided to deconstruct and "rehab" them into something I could wear.

First I unstitched the middle band to remove the clip and wash them.

After you have washed and dried (I used woolite and layed flat to dry) I sewed the bow to cinch in the middle. This keeps the shape of the bow and also makes it easier to assemble.

Then I hot glued the middle of cinched bow to a headband... sewed the band over the center of the bow and headband....AND...

TA DA! I love them. A fancy pants retro headband!

Stay tuned for July 14th when I'll announce the "funny" winner of a Sharp Shark Necklace of their choosing!

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